Blackrock Tactical Ensign Trainer
  • Blackrock Tactical Ensign Trainer
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Blackrock Tactical Ensign Trainer

REF: 3868A

A non-safety occupational style, the Ensign Trainer is fully non-metallic and features a midsole to protect the foot against objects that penetrate from below.

  • Lightweight metal-free composite midsole
  • Waterproof leather upper
  • 300°C heat resistant, anti-slip, anti-static and fuel oil resistant PU/rubber sole
  • EaziStep padded insole made from breathable PU and mesh for comfort
  • GRIP level 4 HexaGrip technology for ultra-non-slip sole
  • Safety Rating: EN20347 03 WR FO HRO SRC
  • Available in sizes UK 3-13

Hexagrip: Blackrock’s HexaGrip technology features a hexagonal sole pattern that gives significantly increased grip, achieving a 4 star rating in the UK HSE GRIP scheme, far exceeding the international SRC slip resistance standard.

Eazistep: Blackrock’s EaziStep insole is made from lightweight PU/mesh that gives all day comfort and relieves tension in areas vulnerable to stress such as the heel area and ball of the foot.


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