We were approached by a leading UK independent airline, to design a full range of corporate uniform. From Pilot and Cabin Crew right down to those working on the ground, no crew member was left unaccounted for in this full scale bespoke corporate uniform design.

Planned to coincide with the airline’s 50th anniversary, the new uniform was commissioned to celebrate the brand’s heritage whilst looking forward to the future with a dynamic, fashionable look the whole airline crew could be proud of.

We had a chat with the crew, gaining valuable insight and the essential input of those that would be wearing the uniform on a daily basis. The key feeling among the crew was that they required a smart, modern and stylish design that conjured up the elegance of air travel in the early days whilst still being practical enough to carry out their daily jobs.

Taking our inspiration from the rich company history and glamorous heritage of air travel, every piece was considered with the crew in mind. With every cut, stitch and seam of every garment designed with precise attention to detail.

The resulting designs channel the glamorous vintage years of air travel, celebrating this airlines rich heritage with a sophisticated, fashionable and easily recognisable uniform that fits with the company’s brand identity.

 Airline Corporate Uniform Design

airline corporate uniform design concept

airline corporate uniform design artwork

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