A History of Uniforms

Whether it be the apron a caterer puts on, the coloured polo shirt a charity worker dresses in or the high-visibility jacket a paramedic puts on at the beginning of every shift, they all have one thing in common; they wear a uniform. We all take note of them,…

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  • Sustainability: What Are We Doing To Become More Sustainable?

    Sustainability: What Are We Doing To Become More Sustainable?

    Sustainability. It’s not just something that everyone is talking about. It is something that is very real, something that is incredibly important and something…

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  • Here’s to another 150 Years!

    Here’s to another 150 Years!

    Our 150th anniversary has given us a great excuse to look back through our archives and explore our heritage, but it also gives us the…

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  • Uniforms and Mental Health

    Uniforms and Mental Health

    Assessing the impact of uniforms on mental health
    Uniform in the workplace generally has a positive impact on the mental health of employees. It promotes…

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The Importance of Branding

A strong identity is very important in business these days. It makes it easier for customers to identify with you, creates trust and helps to build a strong reputation. That is where branding comes in.

More than just a smart logo design, branding is the very essence of how you…

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  • Size and Fit

    Size and Fit

    A quality, comfortable size and fit is essential to modern uniform design.

    At Sugdens, the design process for a new customer starts with assessing the…

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  • Casual Workwear

    Casual Workwear

    Combining practicality, functionality and the latest fashion trends, a relaxed and comfortable staff uniform creates a friendly, approachable image.

    Casual workwear can embody a variety…

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  • The Emergency Services Show 2019

    The Emergency Services Show 2019

    Last week, the Sugdens team made their annual trip down to the NEC in Birmingham for the Emergency Services Show.

    Once again it was such…

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