Welcome to the NEW Sugdens Website!

Published: 11.07.17

Welcome to the new Sugdens website!

In late 2017 we began our re-branding process, introducing a new logo that embraces our heritage whilst giving us a modern, contemporary look.

The new logo was accompanied by a new product brochure, our ‘Career & Workwear Directory’ as well as a new and expanded workwear range.

Hot on the heels of our product brochure we are now pleased to showcase our new look website!

Outstanding Service

The new Sugdens website showcases the outstanding excellence in service we provide. From initial client meetings through to the continued management of uniform provisions for proud workforces, the length and breadth of the country!

With our esteemed reputation as a provider of high quality uniform and workwear to companies in a range of sectors, including the Emergency Services and large multi-national employers, our new website showcases the range of services we can provide.

From Bespoke Design Services that enable you to have your own unique uniform created to suit your business, to personalised embroidery, we can ensure your workforce turns out for work looking smart, professional and proud!

We offer a range of services designed to take the stress out of providing a uniform for your workforce, including a complete managed service where we store everything for you in our own warehouse.

With all this in mind, you can rely on Sugdens to deliver a strong, confident, knowledgeable approach to your company’s appearance. After all we’ve been in this business almost 150 years, we’d like to think we know a thing or two!

We trust you’ll enjoy browsing through the site and keep coming back to see the site evolve with the latest news and updates to the Sugdens range.

If you’d like to discuss anything in further detail, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Perhaps we could meet for a coffee?


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