St John Ambulance (Supplies) is a company, established to control all ‘supplies’ to St John Ambulance. Our objective was to create a more modern uniform design, which would reinvigorate the St John Ambulance brand and enhance the perception of the organisation and ultimately provide a high profile branded uniform, fit for the nation’s leading first aid charity.

The traditional black and white uniform had become somewhat dated and it often led to confusion between St. John Ambulance Volunteers and the Police Force. This was becoming problematic in what could be potentially hostile environments. In addition, Volunteers carried a utility belt that further blurred the lines between the Police force and themselves.

Our designers firstly looked at the use of colour to take a positive step away from the previous uniform. Green was used as the highlight colour. Recognised as the international colour of care, the colour instantly gave a nod towards an ‘Ambulance’ service.

We broke away from the traditional, old fashioned, black and white image and introduced a layered wardrobe of green and black uniform. Updated styling modernised the look, and with new garment technologies available, the utility belt that was a feature of the old uniform was no longer needed.

The resulting uniform plays an important role in maximising brand identity with the use of a new, modern St John Ambulance logo on every garment and a strong representation of the clear, distinctive colours of black, green and white.

St. John Ambulance Volunteers cover a vast spectrum of ages, shapes and sizes so designing a uniform that was appropriate to all was key.

The contract offers a fully managed service enabling users around the country in the various regional St Johns organisations to login to a secure web portal to view the full St John uniform range and order their uniform. This is then distributed directly from our warehouse saving St John Ambulance Supplies the cost of storing garments and managing this service themselves.

bespoke uniform design

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